Privacy and Security Policy

Please become acquainted with OML’s Privacy and Security Policy. As soon as you visit our site, you become legally bound by our Privacy and Security Policy Agreement. If you do not consent to this agreement on your first visit, you will not have permission to access our site and services. Please note that while we do our best to protect your privacy and security, we cannot guarantee the complete immunity of your electronic data. By consenting to this agreement, you give us the legal right to collect, store, and use your information.

We collect cookies from our visitors for our internal use and information purposes. Please note that If you do not allow cookies in your browser settings, you will not have full access to our website and services. While collecting your information, we are interested mainly in statistical data such as the number of visitors, time, purpose, etc. To provide you with our services, we may also collect your other personal information such as email addresses, passwords, phone numbers, and payment card details. OML may also collect data about your personal preferences, in order for us or our affiliates to contact you with various offers or services.

We collect your data to ensure high-quality service. We keep your current information on file to prevent fraud and other criminal activities, and to manage your account financially or otherwise.

We may also share your information internally, with our colleagues, and with third-party organizations such as third party payment service providers. Please be aware that we must disclose your personal information if ordered to do so by the court system.