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I feel proud of the steady growth and development progressing through all stages of OML’s history. With each year, the expertise and performance of our team grow, enabling us to achieve new levels of excellence in different facets of our business. A solid knowledge base and strong professional skills let us undertake complex cases and provide robust results in a short span of time. Our specialists are passionate about what they do, and they approach their duties responsibly. Thanks to dedication and perseverance, the OML team confidently moves toward achieving corporate and client strategic goals, enriching our successful portfolio.

We constantly engage in continuing education and we are happy to share our insights with the community. Our corporate culture of excellence makes OML a dynamic and rapidly growing company, with Bright People, Right Solutions, High Quality, Customer Satisfaction & Great Value. Our values set us apart in our industry. Our goal is to provide the best products to our clients while managing costs. We pride ourselves on delivering the highest quality products and services. Our business is client-focused, and our customer service transcends that of our competition.

We take every step necessary to ensure maximum cost-effectiveness, environment-friendliness, and the security of our projects. Hard work, integrity and transparency have given us an excellent track record and a prominent reputation in the industry. In an atmosphere of confidence and trust, each client served by OML knows that their business is in capable hands.

Commitment to excellence and client satisfaction forms the basis of our philosophy. Our theme is efficiency combined with the protection of human lives and the environment. Our people are our greatest strength. Our pride in client satisfaction and team accomplishments motivates us to excel. Integrity is our foundation. Quality and fairness are our goals. Health, safety, and environmental protection are our core objectives.

Omar Mousa

OML Chairman